Footnotes plugin

Test of: This is a sentence [1]and this is your footnote This is a another sentence [2]and this is our second footnote References[+] References ↑1 and this is your footnote ↑2 and this is our second footnote

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Video on noblogs!

To put video on noblogs, exist a plugin active by default to do the embed of these video by third parts. yeh, in the specification of HTML5 exist the tag VIDEO, but the platform of noblogs not allow to upload the formats: ogv, mp4 and mov, … I think that this happen because the Autistici/Inventati… Continue reading Video on noblogs!

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Two factors authentication

Two-Factor \O/ WOW, now is possible abilitate the 2 factor autentication also for the users of noblogs! Remember that is different from the login of your Autistici/Inventati panel.